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Underpinning Gruyere provide professional Underpinning, restumping, Re-blocking & Stabilising the foundations services in Gruyere. Call 03 4050 7423 to book home underpinning inspections in Gruyere.

First Choice Underpinning – The Best Underpinning Solutions

Welcome to First Choice Underpinning – the one place in Gruyere where you can find most affordable solutions for all underpinning problems. By hiring the most experienced, licensed, and certified underpinners we give our customers the assurance that they have come to the right place. We have been fixing foundation related issues for more than two decades in Gruyere with guaranteed results. Our motto is simple – give a rock solid foundation to your building for your peace of mind.

Underpinning Gruyere

A misaligned window, a misaligned door, some cracks in the wall or flooring, and a sinking floor are some of the common symptoms of underpinning problems. If you see any of these signs in your home/office then call First Choice Underpinning immediately. We will send across our best team of experts to fix the issue at the most reasonable cost.

Here is a glimpse of services that we offer at First Choice Underpinning Gruyere.

Underpinning Services Gruyere

At First Choice Underpinning Gruyere our aim is to make every building in Gruyere stronger, sturdier, and firmer and we do this by giving a solid foundation and a stable structure to each building. The strength of any building gets affected over time, especially if it is made of brick veneer walls and concrete slabs. Usually what happens is this – the alignment of the brick veneer loosens and causes cracks in the slabs. For best underpinning results we support the sinking or cracked slabs with heavy jacks and then use concrete for brick alignment. This enhances the strength and stability of the foundation.

Salt Damp Removal Gruyere

Did you know that moisture and salt can lead to fatal damages to any building? Yes, it can and it is known as salt damp. Salt damp is easily recognizable through gassy plaster, pungent odour, failing mortar, and bubbly paint. You can get exceptional salt damp removal solutions for domestic as well as commercial buildings at First Choice Underpinning Gruyere. We use plastic dampcourse in the building that protects the building from any salt damp in future. This dampcourse is used as the foundation to build the wall again. This simple process enables you to get the wall painted as soon as the plastic dampcourse is placed.

Underpinning Gruyere

Sinking Floor Solution

Improper building construction leads to various issues, one of which is sinking floors. You can see the signs by looking at a flood from underneath (may be basement). If the floor feels like bowing in the middle then it is definitely sinking. This is known as trampoline effect. If you don’t feel sure, call our experts from First Choice Underpinning for a free consultation. Sagging beams and rotting joists can also cause a floor to sink. Just let us know and if there is a problem, our experts will solve it with safest solutions.

Restumping or Reblocking Services Gruyere

Restumping or reblocking refers to the same process. It is just like the process of underpinning with the only difference that in this case the stumps are replaced. We dig the foundation using jacks and replace the cracked stumps with new ones. In some cases, this leads to minor damages to walls or floors. But our professionals make sure to amend any such damages and complete the task before leaving.

Underpinning Gruyere

Floor Replacement

You can get completely new floors with our affordable floor replacement services from First Choice Underpinning anywhere in Gruyere. We use advanced tools and finest flooring strategies to give a new look to your office/home with new floors. Also check out the exciting offers on our floor stain removal and floor recoating services!

Subfloor Installation & Repair

First Choice Underpinning Gruyere offers latest subfloor installation and repairing services too. Subfloor repairing is required when there is some kind of damage underneath the tiles or floors. We use processed wood for subfloor repairing. And if you wish then we can replace the existing subfloors with new ones.

Cracked Wall Repairs

Got a crack in a wall? Call First Choice Underpinning and we will fix it without any mess. Leaking taps, poor construction, unexpected weather scenarios, and neglected plumbing problems can cause a crack to appear in your beautiful walls. These cracks not just mar the beauty of your office/home but can also be dangerous. You MUST fix them as soon as possible and the easiest way to do so is to choose the first choice of Gruyere – First Choice Underpinning!

Underpinning Gruyere


In re-leveling we actually lift that part of the structure that has faced differential settlement. This is done once the structure has been underpinned. We use hydraulic jacks to do so. After that we use a plastic packing system for supporting the floor so as to take to a new level. Releveling is required when the concrete stumps get settled. This is problematic because it can cause loose/uneven floors, cracks, or even jammed doors. Call First Choice Underpinning for free consultation.

Why Choose Our Underpinning Contractors in Gruyere?

First Choice Underpinning Brisbane has served thousands of homes and offices in Gruyere till date. We are locals here and know how best to deliver the finest, safest, and lowest priced underpinning services. Our customers get free quote and free consultation regarding underpinning (and associated) services. Ours is a trustworthy company providing 100% customer satisfaction and guaranteed results. We have only licensed and certified underpinners working with us.

You can call us for same day and emergency underpinning services. First Choice Underpinning works 24×7, even on weekends & public holidays. Our unbeatable customer service is sure to please you beyond expectation. We are a registered building practitioner in Gruyere. Call us for a lifetime experience!

Location: Gruyere, VIC, Australia

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